We aim to help cryptonetworks bootstrap their communities

We see a Cambrian explosion of cryptonetworks taking place. We believe we're at the very beginning of an exponential increase in the number of token-mediated networks.

These networks range in scale from—

  • the macro – Bitcoin, Ethereum
  • through middleware and DAOs
  • to the micro – personal tokens

These networks will all work differently but will have a similar logic underpinning them. We aim to understand that logic, design, build and promote primitives that help networks of all scales go from zero to 1. All without excessive cost – ideally only using the network's own token and a proportion of its profits.

Why are crypto projects still run like startups?

Crypto projects raise huge sums of money, mostly for engineering. Although there are interesting solutions to this in the works, this is unlikely to change in the short-term for heavy-engineering projets.

But community onboarding is a huge cost too. Teams often hire in-house teams to design communications stragies, build UI, write FAQs, documentation and more.

We believe this is an expensive hangover from the legacy startup world. We have some incredible new tools for human coordination at our disposal – let's put them to use.

Starting small – Spotlights, content automation and exploring primitives

We want to be pragmatic. First we aim to work directly with talented, promising teams. We want to help them get their word out and at the same time understand their pain points as best we can.

You can see this work in our Spotlights. Our first Spotlight was on tBTC and we are now working on THORChain.

Spotlights aim to provide a clean UX layer to specification documents like whitepapers. They help individuals understand whether or not they want to contribute to a network, what it will cost them and what they can seek to gain. Check them out and get in touch if you're interested in having one for a project you support – jay@rebase.foundation. Note that you don't need to be a part of a core team to commission a Spotlight – you might also be a motivated stakeholder.

Spotlights are exploring cutting-edge content automation technology. Concepts are mapped to objects from which different types of content are semi-automatically generated. A single definition of a term can be used to describe a higher level component, or can automatically generate shareable video, audio and image content. Reach out if this peaks your interest – jay@rebase.foundation.

Beyond Spotlight, we've begun designs on several tools that will help projects grow their communities through reasonable token-backed compensation. Again, reach out if you're interested in helping – particularly interested in mechanism designers and smart contract engineers. Or if you'd be interested in trying betas of the tools as they come online – jay@rebase.foundation.

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